Qualification Year – The Countdown Begins!

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Hey there! So this is my first blog update for SG Petch on my Road to Rio. I’m one of the GB Rowing Team athletes and am currently in the Lightweight Women’s Double Scull event.

So, what’s been going on lately… This year’s really important for us in rowing as the World Championships, which are in September in France, are our qualification event for the Rio Olympic Games. Each event is different, but in my event we have to come in the top 9, so that’s what everything is aiming towards this season. We’ve had a really (!) long, hard winter of training, but I’m so excited because at the end of this month racing finally kicks off with the Europeans in Poland. So from now until then we’ll be starting to add some race prep into our training – doing a bit more power work and getting used to moving quickly again! Because we only race internationally in the summer, the Europeans will be the first chance we have to see what the rest of the world have been up to.

Once the Europeans have started, the summer’s pretty full-on with racing and training camps – we’ll have two World Cup events in June and July, and then we’ll go on our annual work camp to Germany which is always one of the hardest blocks of training we do so I’m pretty nervous (I’ll have to have another update specifically for that one!). Before we go away on camp though we’ll have a few days at home, which I’m already counting down towards- I can’t wait to take my Qashqai on a road-trip to see my mum and dad and take my dog to the beach!


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