UK Mazda Dealers Prepare For A Busy Year

Mazda dealers across the country face their busiest ever year in 2015.

Mazda this year have three totally new models and two major upgrades to launch in a little over six months. The dealers can expect to be busier than ever and need to make sure they have the right resources comments Jeremy Thomson, Mazda UK managing director.

The year will start with the upgraded Mazda6, a car which has already achieved remarkable success. “The improvements, especially to the interior, will allow us to compete effectively with mainstream and premium brands,” said Thomson.

Next up is the all-new Mazda2, and then the upgraded Mazda CX-5, which still outstrips supply making it one of the most sought-after crossovers on the market.

Making a mid-year appearance into the B-segment is the All-new Mazda CX-3 crossover SUV, a new segment for Mazda, then the all-new Mazda MX-5 arrives later in the year.

By then the all-new Mazda3, launched at the beginning of 2014, will become the “oldest” car in the new Mazda line-up – it also means that 97 per cent of all Mazdas sold in 2015 will be SKYACTIV models, bring unprecedented levels of fuel efficiency and performance to Mazda customers.

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