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UK Debut of the Nissan NV400

Nissan’s  have launched the new face of the NV400 a distinctive proposition in the LCV market.

The look of  the NV400 is similar to the rest of Nissan’s SUV and pick up ranges. With its ‘balanced angle strut’ grille, bonnet and headlamps giving it a Nissan corporate look. The front is dominated by the circular Nissan badge which is in the centre of the black honeycomb grille, making it stand out from its competitors in the crowd.

The all-new NV400 is also adopting Nissan’s new naming strategy for all light commercials vehicles, the vans will come under NV nomenclature, all pick ups will be known as NP and larger trucks will be named under NT. The all new Nissan NV400 will be on sale from October 2011.

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