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Three Technologies, One Camera – Nissan Safety Shield

Nissan have used technology as the core of the new Note, it’s special feature is the Nissan Safety Shield which runs data that is captured by the single wide-view camera at the back of the Note, the image that’s taken is all important.

Three technologies are comprised into the Nissan Safety Shield pack : –

Blind Spot Warning – This feature was usually found in cars in the premium sector, but it can now be found on the new Note. Nissan’s system uses the Around View Monitor (AVM) camera to detect obstacles in the hidden blind spot areas on both sides of the car. If a vehicle or an obstacles is detected a warning light illuminates in the glass of the Note’s wing mirror. Also when the driver indicates to change lanes the system detects a vehicle in the danger area the light will flash and a warning sound is given.

Lane Departure Warning – This is another premium feature which isn’t usually found on a B-segment vehicle, this warning system detects if the car is starting to drift out of the lane. While you might expect a windscreen mounted camera or radar system to be required for this function, the Note uses its rear wide view camera.  This advanced computer programme can detect even a faint road marking allowing the car to determine if its drifting out of position without indicating. If this happens a warning is given to the driver to correct their road position. Cleverly, the system automatically adjusts its sensitivity when on rural roads to allow for a different driving style.

Moving Object Detection – This work’s by using the capabilities of the Around View Monitor, this new function effectively gives the driver a digital co-pilot to help them look at what might be approaching, while the Note is reversing. Usually parking aids warn the driver of an object there are approaching, but Moving Object Detection gives an audio and visual alert if something or someone is moving behind the car. The camera is mounted on the tailgate and it has a convex lens, giving the rear wide view camera a 180 degree vision, giving it an unparalleled field of vision at the back of the car. The images from the camera are displayed on the 5.8-inch Nissan Connect screen.


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