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The official UK launch of the new FIAT 500X is now not far away. FIAT 500X and Dynamo now come hand in hand. The all new crossover is due to hit showrooms at the end April, until then we can enjoy “The Power of X,” across an array of Microsoft platforms.

Truely unique and exciting “The Power of X” illusion created by Dynamo will continue spreading its powerful magic through Microsoft’s and FIAT’s industry-first digital advert campaign.

FIAT want to bring the 500X to a much wider and diverse audience “Stylish Adventurers” as FIAT calls them, those who like to stand out, enjoy the new, those who have a keen sense of fun. Those who can be  found across Xbox, Skype, MSN, and Windows 8.

The campaign’s dedicated Xbox hub invites you to sign up and receive info on the FIAT 500X, with Dynamo’s partnership there will be a first of its kind magical Fiat 500X illusion exclusively to Xbox One and Xbox 360 users, a one to definitely watch after Dynamo’s performance at the Copper Box Arena in London, where he introduced the “Power of X”.

Creative sequences from the campaign will be used to engage with Skype, MSN, Outlook and Windows. Each time a user engages online they will discover the next chaper in the FIAT experience. Log on and look out for the “Power of X” the ultimate interactive magic trick!

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