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The Green Option For Microsoft UK the Nissan LEAF

Microsoft UK have taken delivery of two Nissan LEAF’s, becoming the first 100% electric cars to join its staff company car scheme.

Microsoft who were keen to look at at reducing there carbon footprint, have ran five weeks of competitive internal trails with other electric car manufacturers.

The trail involved inviting 500 Microsoft UK staff members ranging from senior directors to engineers to sample the variety of vehicles.

The Nissan LEAF successfully made the final selection list after praise from Microsoft UK staff for its comfort, wealth of standard equipment and driveability.

Microsoft UK have welcomed the car to its scheme and have installed two 32 amp quick chargers at its Reading HQ allowing staff who have opted for the LEAF to charge on site.

The first to take delivery of there Nissan LEAF is Alex Kureen, Microsoft UK’s partner/channel marketing manager. Kureen will keep the vehicle for four years and cover approximately 7,000 miles per year as the LEAF becomes his environmentally friendly commuter vehicle.

Katie Colledge-Price, Microsoft UK’s car benefits manager said: “As you can imagine at a software company, when we announced the vehicle trial list we were overwhelmed with staff interest in an advanced piece of technology like the Nissan LEAF.

“During the trial the LEAF received consistently positive feedback for how enjoyable and calming it is to drive as well as being a comfortable family vehicle. We have installed charging points at our Reading HQ to encourage staff to consider electric vehicles to help reduce our carbon footprint so we’re now looking forward to welcoming more LEAFs to Microsoft UK.”

Nissan’s corporate sales directed Barry Beeston, commented “Microsoft UK is at the cutting edge of hi-tech developments so to hear its praise for the LEAF and its technology is particularly pleasing. The LEAF represents an excellent solution to cutting any company’s carbon footprint as well as reducing running costs for the end user. After a positive trial process, we now look forward to providing more LEAFs as staff at Microsoft UK see the benefits of 100% electric vehicles.”


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