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The Design Story Of The Nissan Juke Nismo

The Nismo design team had a challenge to face when creating the all-new Juke Nismo,  they had to take something with a totally unique visual character and then give it a new and exciting twist.

The European launch event for the new performance Juke is now underway, watch, listen and learn about this design adventure as Digital Manager and Project Lead Designer for Nissan Design Europe, Darryl Scriven, explains how this new striking design was executed.

[video   mp4=”http://www.get-into-something-good.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/100650_1_5.mp4″ poster=”http://www.get-into-something-good.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/design-juke-nismo.jpg”   preload=”auto” autoplay=”false” width=”352″ height=”288″ id=”video_title” video class=”alignleft”]

The Nismo team took there inspiration from Nissan’s years of motorsport heritage and putting it into European road cars. A Nismo model isn’t just adding a body kit and a sporty cabin style, every design element has been modified for a reason.

The Nismo engineers have added a new aerodynamic exterior, which gives the Juke Nismo an even more dynamic and powerful look. It has a lower front and rear bumpers, wider wings and sill side skirts, plus a modified grille and tailgate spoiler to better control airflow.

These modifications reduce its front and rear lift without increasing its drag, which enhances all aspects of its on-the-road performance. All this has been combined with new eye-catching 18-inch alloy wheels shod in wider tyres which gives the Nismo a more bold stance and boost grip. It also as red door mirror caps and a pinstripe around the base of the car -trademark design cues that will be seen again in the future models – a mark that shows people instantly that its a Nismo machine.

“It was really important to make something that looked stronger but wasn’t more complicated. Nismo is not about adding shape and surfaces for no reason, it’s about genuine aerodynamic and dynamic improvement. So the design has to add something, and that was a challenge. But I think we have a front end that’s dramatic and bold, but also distinctive.” commented Darryl Scriven, Nissan’s European design studio in Paddington, London.

The interior has also had a Nismo makeover, with a redesigned steering wheel, pedals, gauges, gear knob and door trims. Its been redesigned to be more focused on the driver’s requirements, which give it a more performance-oriented feel. The upgrade also includes a special suede-trimmed Nismo sports seats with red stitching, which gives the driver extra support and comfort.



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