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The All-New Pulsar, Nissan's C-Segment Contender

Nissan are to return to the C-Segment with a new contender called the Pulsar. It will be revealed on the 20th May 2014, and is said to be a spacious five-door hatchback, designed to meet the specific needs of European car buyers.

The Pulsar is set to re-connect Nissan’s strong link with the C-segment, which is the one of the biggest sectors in the European car market. It’s been designed with high innovation and the same high quality that has become representative in Nissan models. The new pulsar is expected to go on sale in the Autumn.

The name Pulsar has a history in Nissan’s product timeline, it first appeared in 1978, and was used for models in Asian and Australasian markets over the course of the last four decades. The Pulsar badge also made an appearance in the European markets in the early 1990s on the N14 model.



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