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Nissan CARED4 Giving Peace of Mind as Standard

The quality-approved CARED4 used car programme from Nissan has been extended, given customers a greater peace of mind. Available until the 31st March, the programme means all pre-owned Nissan’s bought using Nissan Finance through...


Envolving the Crossover – The Nissan Resonance

Making its debut at the 2013 American International Auto Show was Nissan’s evolving crossover the Resonance, with its bold futuristic aerodynamic style and design. This concept, comes with a fuel-efficient hybrid-electric power-train and proposes...


Virtual-To-Reality GT Academy TV Series to Air on ITV4

Its been announced that ITV4 will be broadcasting a series of six programmes covering the innovative Nissan PlayStation GT Academy contest. The GT Academy challenges the conventions of motorsport by taking some of the...