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SEAT unveils new logo in Paris

SEAT has officially unveiled its new logo at the 2012 Paris Motor Show this morning, alongside the introduction of the all-new Leon. The new corporate identity marks the beginning of a new era for SEAT, and comes as the company completes an unprecedented product offensive that has included the premieres of the Mii city car and Toledo hatchback, and the introduction of the revised Ibiza.

new-SEAT-corporate-logoJames Muir, President of SEAT S.A., presented the new car and the logo during SEAT’s Paris show press presentation this morning. “The next step in SEAT’s evolution is the presentation of our new company logo. It reflects those brand values I just mentioned: clean, pure design and precise, quality engineering,” he said.

The new logo represents another step in the continuous development of SEAT’s image, and is symbolic of the company’s six core values: design; dynamism; young spirit; efficiency; reliability; accessibility.

The logo juxtaposes two elements: the red font, which is passionate, warm and dynamic, and the unmistakable chrome ‘S’ stamp of SEAT. Characterised by its symmetrical lines in permanent tension, the chrome symbol is sculpted with precision and is firmly rooted in modernity, all of which lies below a subtle line of industrial inspiration. Its unique design highlights the renewed commitment of SEAT to precision technology, excellence in engineering and innovation, while the colour red continues to evoke the brand’s Spanish soul.

The origins of the elegance and precision of the SEAT logo are to be found in a diagonal stroke reminiscent of Barcelona’s Avenida Diagonal – one of the city’s most significant streets, which geographically separates it from west to east diagonally. This line consolidates a creative vision, and is an essential component of SEAT’s genetic code.

Design made by SEAT

Design takes on special importance amongst the company’s values, and forms an intrinsic part of its genetic code. Design is SEAT’s DNA. To quote Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, SEAT’s head of Design, “SEAT’s new logo design reflects perfectly our love for detail and quality. While keeping the identity of our traditional “S”, this time we have reduced the number of lines, they are now more 3D and the overall perimeter is now more square, more geometric. The whole gives our new logo a more modern, precise and sculpted look.”

60 years of genuine emotions and generational design

The company’s first model, the SEAT 1400, came into being on 13 November 1953. Since then, SEAT has created driving experiences which have managed to fire each generation’s emotions. The SEAT 600 enthusiastically spurred on the free-ranging spirit of the sixties; in the eighties the SEAT Ibiza was born, one of the company’s icons and the first 100% SEAT car; and both the SEAT Toledo (1991) and the SEAT Leon (1998) made a strong showing in the nineties.

60 years of SEAT logosWelcome to ENJOYNEERING

ENJOYNEERING is the company’s vision. Announcing it at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, James Muir explained that it “represents the values and DNA of the brand: technological precision and quality engineering, coupled with an emotional Mediterranean design.”

For SEAT, ENJOYNEERING is much more than a change in its corporate identity. According to Christian Stein, SEAT’s head of marketing: “ENJOYNEERING is present in everything we do at SEAT – from the instrument panel details of one of our cars to the online experiences of our customers. From technology to emotions there is just one step, and we at SEAT take that step every day,” he said.

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