SEAT tops league table of True MPG tests

The What Car? MPG Team have been testing more than 200 models of cars over the last 12 months to find out which has the best True MPG… Taking the top of the table was the SEAT Leon 5DR SE Ecomotive 1.6 TDi with a real-world average fuel economy figure of 63.2mpg.

Since launching the True MPG with official partner Tesco in 2012, almost 500 cars have been assessed in real-world conditions, using cutting-edge test equipment, achieving economy figures that are an average of 20% lover than the government figures.

Even SEAT’s table-topping figure was below its claimed figure of 85.6mpg – a result of manufacturers being forced by legislation to test their cars in laboratory conditions. editor, Jim Holder, said: “Buyers get frustrated when they can’t achieve claimed fuel economy figures. That’s because the official EU tests are carried out in a laboratory under very specific conditions that don’t reflect real-world driving. However, we took action a few years ago by launching True MPG and have published real-world figures for hundreds of popular vehicles since.”

Closely behind the Leon 5DR was also the Leon ST  SE Ecomotive 1.6 TDi 110, which came 6th in the table with a real-world figure of 61.5mpg.

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