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SEAT Ibiza Cupster for ultimate driving fun

At the 2014 Worthersee Treffen later this month, SEAT will present an exciting new design study, The SEAT Ibiza Cupster, to celebrate the 30 year anniversary of the iconic SEAT Ibiza.

CupsterThe innovative design study is based on the series production, Ibiza Cupra, with its 180 PS TSI engine and DSG dual-clutch transmission. This Cupster concept is lower and wider than its racy predecessor. The two seater  car has no roof, the front windscreen has been replaced with a wrap-around strip window and the seating position is 80 millimetres lower than the series-production car.

“The Ibiza has always been the heart of SEAT – a young, dynamic car with an emotional design, a good head for the practical things in life and excellent value for money,” says Jurgen Stackman, President of SEAT S.A. “At Worthersee, we are celebrating the anniversary of our most successful model with the unique Ibiza Cupster, not to mention the exceptionally well-equipped 30 years edition – and, of course, with a great programme.”

Ibiza Cupster

The paintwork is custom ‘New Orange’ hue, with a dark grey cover behind the classic ‘double-bubble’ style seats. The steering wheel is swathed in pure aniline leather.

The Cupster isn’t short on performance, being based on the 1.8 TSI Cupra, with super-fast gear changes thanks to the DSG transmission and precision sports running gear with 18-inch wheels.

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