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SEAT Ensurance: Peace of mind ensured for free

To aid piece of mind for drivers in the unfortunate result of an accident or vehicle theft, SEAT has introduced its Ensuring scheme, and, it’s absolutely free.

SEAT Ensurance scheme

The policy guarantees that accident damage will be repaired by a participating approved SEAT centre and only using genuine SEAT parts.

Its is encouraging for a customer to know that all repair work will be carried out by trained SEAT technicians, with every SEAT featuring such complex safety technology.

A SEAT Ensurance policy works alongside an existing comprehensive motor insurance policy and, if necessary, covers the difference in the repair costs, due to the policy specifically stating that only genuine SEAT parts and technicians are used for the repair.

SEAT Ensurance provides customers with:

  • A guarantee that genuine parts are used for repairs
  • A guarantee that repairs will be carried out in a SEAT Insurance approved centre
  • A dedicated phone line and incident manager
  • Online claim and repair tracking
  • A courtesy car (where applicable)
  • Cover for legal expenses – typically £25 per year with a motor insurance policy

Jon Deed, SEAT UK Service and Parts Programmer Manager said: “The ensurance service offered great value for money as it was, but to give it away free of charge for three years is a huge win for customers.

“It’s not just that it ensures a car will be repaired to the very highest standards and using the highest quality SEAT parts, but Ensurance removes much of the stress of making an insurance claim after an accidents – that alone is a big deal.”

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