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Picanto is a little loser

Parkers, the number one online car guide, has just announced that the Kia Picanto is tops for retaining second hand resual values.

Picanto Which Magazine Most Reliable

According to Parkers, the Picanto will lose just £1,247 in the first year of ownership. The secret? Strong and aggressive pricing aided by a fully transferable 7-year warranty and a high specification as standard.

Coming a close second was the Picanto’s bigger brother, the Rio. At just £1,642 depreciation in the first year, both the Rio and Picanto have exceeded expectations in 2010 – even with scrappage finishing in May.

With 16,541 Picanto’s finding new homes in 2010 it’s pretty clear that in these tough economic times, a small environmentally friendly car like the Picanto is a big attraction to buyers, especially one with a 7-year warranty and high second hand values.

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