Peugeot 308 SW wins ‘Best Estate Car to Lease’

The UK’s number one leasing website;, have named the 308 SW as the ‘Best Estate Car to Lease’ in their Car of the Year Awards. author, James Fossdyke, commented: “The new Peugeot 308 is a huge improvement on the old car, with chich styling and vastly superior driving dynamics, but the SW estate variant turns the Golf/Focus rival from challenger to market leader. The 660-litre boot is nothing short of cavernous and the 308 SW is one of the few estates to look better than the hatchback it’s based on.”

Every car on the market was placed for consideration by a team of motoring journalists and automotive industry professionals as being ‘the best cars you can lease’, in 14 identified categories.’s MD, Dave Timmis, said: “As we celebrate 15 years as the UK’s top leasing site, it was only right that we rewarded the very things that the whole industry is based on: the cars. A lot of very good models were left by the wayside during the selection process, but that’s testament to how foos the winners are.”

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