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NV200 As New York City's Taxi Provider

New York is looking for a new era of urban mobility and  have selected Nissan to design the next generation “Taxi of Tomorrow”.

The Nissan NV200 taxi will be produced at Nissan’s facility based in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The Nissan NV200 taxi will be a modified version of the commercial vehicle which is currently available. Nissan will work with the taxi owners and the City on a pilot programme to study the use of zero-emission, electric vehicles as taxi’s. Nissan will be providing up to six, 100 percent electric Nissan LEAFs to taxi owners for testing as will as the charging stations to support their use.

There are more than 13,000 taxis traveling cumulative 500 million miles per year so durability is a key factor in the “Taxi of Tomorrow”. Nissan will train taxi fleet operators to be able to conduct rountine in-house service and repairs. Dealers will provide prompt service by providing the first available service bay to taxi operators needing service. The scheme is to begin the the beginning of 2013.

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