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Nissan Try For New Speed Records at Goodward Festival of Speed

Nissan have there sights on two records at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed on the 1st to the 3rd of July. The contenders for the record are the LEAF and Juke.

Nissan are hoping the Nissan Leaf will be the fastest car to be driven up the famous hill climb, backwards.  As the Nissan Leaf is electric powered it enables the car to be driven backwards as fast as it can go forwards unlike normal petrol-powered cars.  In normal circumstances an electronic feature stops the LEAF from reversing quickly. The only modification that has been made to this LEAF is the removal of this feature. This means the Nissan Leaf potentially can reverse at the top speed of 90mph.

Terry Grant professional stunt driver is the man attempting both records in the Leaf and the Juke he commented “I’ve experienced Goodwood before but never attempted to set a new record. To have the chance to grab not only one but two records at the same event will hopefully provide everyone with a very entertaining spectacle.” The Jukes challenge is to become the fastest four wheeled machine to climb the entire course using  just two wheels.

The GT1 GT-R will also be taking part in the festival, in a more conventional way, it will be driven round the track by  Alex Buncombe who is Nissan’s FIA European GT4 Championship and GT Academy driver. The Nissan GT1 GT-R will also be joined in the Supercar Paddock by  the Nissan 370Z GT Edition for spectators to view.

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