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Nissan, Social Media Communities and Johnny Herbert Create NISMO #Jukeride

Nissan have announced an ambitious, social media-led project, Nismo #Jukeride. This is in collaboration with European motorsport enthusiasts and ex-formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert.

Nissan are to build a state-of-the-art Juke, which will contain its own SkyCam helicopter, this is designed to help Nismo’s (Nissan Motorsport) team of talented young drivers to push there performances to there limits, and put fans in the heart of thrilling driving action like never before.

Taking part in building the ultimate technological tool for tracking, analysing and enhancing driving performance the fans will even be able to help decide its final name during the project. This unique Juke will continue Nissan’s innovation in this segment and will follow in the footsteps of the Juke Box, which was the ultimate mobile sound system and of course there was the Juke-R, which had the power of a GT-R in the body of a Juke, which created the world’s fastest crossover.

Johnny Herbet will be Mentor and will support the team of apprentices and the wider social media community. Nissan will be pushing the Juke to its limit. By kitting the car out with the latest digital age technology, the team will work together to create a unique social advanced car with the Skycam, a companion remote control helicopter which docks on the roof. This Skycam will be equipped with cameras and will provide a unique point of view as well as high precision environmental data, including ground surface, air and object trajectory analysis, this will monitor every move the car makes.

The data taken will enable the Nismo drivers to monitor their performance, help improve their driving skills and give them the information to become the best drivers they can be. The Skycam will also capture unique footage of the motorsports events, which will give access to never-before-seen perspectives of races and bringing them closer to the action.
Johnny Herbert started the project, by inviting motorsport enthusiasts from across Europe to share ideas and help inform the build via social networking channels. The fans will be able to give there ideas on Twitter by using hashtag #Jukeride. From these ideas, Johnny Herbert will work with the team of 10 apprentices who will actively take part in the build process, using social technologies such as Google Hangouts and their own networks to determine the technology used in the car, as well as crowd source its name.

Johnny Herbert is one of Britain’s best known drivers, he successfully had three Formula one wins as well as achieving first place at Le Mans in 1991. Johny has worked closely with Nissan mentoring drivers from there GT Academy, its virtual-to-real project, which Nissan created with Playstation, that brings the dreams of Gran Turismo players to life. He also has extensive experience on reporting on motorsports events in the broadcasting world. He is the perfect candidate to offer his insight and support to the apprentices as they build this unique car.

Gareth Dunsmore, Marketing Communications General Manager, Nissan in Europe, commented “Over the next three months we’re going to transform the Juke, the ultimate compact crossover, into the ultimate technological tool for tracking, analysing and enhancing driving performance. We are really excited to work with Johnny and some of our most passionate fans to build what should be one of the most high-tech cars in the world, and in turn use it to push our Nismo drivers to their limits.”

Johnny Herbert said: “This really will be a car like no other. It will have its own helicopter, equipped with cameras, that takes off from the roof to provide a unique perspective on Nismo drivers and give unparalleled insight into their performance. I’m really excited about being involved in this project and helping the Nissan team, along with the apprentices, to create and build something that is genuinely going to improve driving performance.”

You can share your ideas, or simply follow its progress at the Experience Nissan site or by using the hashtag #jukeride.

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