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Nissan Pleased With New BIK Tax Rates Announced in 2013 Buget

Nissan have announced that they are delighted with the Benefit In Kind tax levels on Electric Vehicles (EVs) from April 2015, they will be 5% of its P11D Price in 2015/2016 rather than its 13% which was previously announced.

This means that a 20% tax paying LEAF driver will pay £284 per annum or just £24 per month in company car tax or a 40% tax payers would pay £569 per year or just £47 per month.

This budget announcement means that keeping BIK rates for company EV drivers at the lowest rate, they would be more likely to choose an EV like the LEAF as the next company car. Hopefully this should increase EV sales, and at the same time helping bring down emission levels which is a priority for companies meeting their corporate CSR objectives and for cities such as London to meet EU emission targets.

This again will also encourage companies to add the Nissan LEAF to there car choice lists again, as they can plan their company car strategy in the knowledge their drivers wont take delivery of an EV and then immediately receive a massive hike in their personal BIK tax rates after April 2015.


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