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Nissan Invest More Than 130 Million Euros in Barcelona To Build New Passenger Car

Nissan have announced the production of a passenger car, in addition to the production of the 1-Ton Pick Up, and the assembly of an electric-vehicle gearbox is to be produced in  Barcelona.

The production will start in the beginning of July 2014. The bid was won by Barcelona shortly after reaching a new competitive proposal with the local works council.

The new passenger car will bring an additional 80,000 units of annual capacity to Barcelona, through an investment of 110 million euros. The creation will bring 3,000 indirect jobs and 1,000 direct jobs. This move will diversify the plants production, as it usually depends on light-commercial vehicles and 4×4’s. These are all vehicles which have been hit by the economic crisis.

As well as this, Nissan have also allocated Barcelona the production of 24,000 units of annual capacity for the 1 Ton Pick up, which is an investment of 14 million Euros. The assembly of the gearbox for the Nissan LEAF and the Nissan eNV200, is an additional investment of 6 million euros.

The total of the investment into the plant is 130 million euros in the coming years, they will renovate production lines for the new passenger car, introduce new technology needed to support electric- vehicle production and adapt it’s supplier park for new production requirements. This adds more than 200 million euros, which was the previously announced investment for the production of a new truck in Nissan’s Avila plant.  The manufacture in Barcelona of the e-NV200, which will be the second all electric vehicle to be added to Nissan’s line-up. Nissan’s commitment to industrial operations in Spain are now clear and is an endorsement of the competitive efforts made with unions, governments and employees.

Nissan Motor Ibérica Managing Director, Frank Torres comments: “I have the pleasure of sharing with you the fruits of the competitiveness agreement reached last week, which have opened the door to new production opportunities. The most important thing now is to be able to ensure the successful launch of these products and keep the competitiveness commitment. If we do, I am sure new opportunities will come.”

He continues: “In the coming years, Barcelona plant will work at full capacity, with an annual output over 200,000 units while maintaining its attractiveness to produce new models. Given the current crisis environment, this is not only a great achievement for Nissan, but for the entire industry in this country.”

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