New family-thinking, funny FIAT 500L adverts introduce series 5 of One Born Every Minute

The BAFTA award-winning TV series One Born Every Minute has taken up with the family-friendly FIAT 500L. FIAT UK thanks to Channel 4 will feature the FIAT 500L in a number five second spots at the beginning and end of every advertisement break, throughout the new series.

500L-Sponsors-1-Born-Every Minute Now in its fifth series, One Born Every Minute was filmed in the West Country’s busiest maternity unit, Southmead Hospital in Bristol. The series will comprise a total of 20 episodes in two bursts and will run throughout the year across the Channel 4 portfolio of channels, including More4, 4seven and 4oD.

Elena Bernardelli, Marketing Director at Fiat UK said: “One Born Every Minute is one of the most life affirming programmes on TV and is focused around early parenthood. FIAT 500L communications are all about celebrating real-life parenting moments which is why the show is such a great fit. We really hope parents everywhere will recognise their own life experiences in the brand’s surprisingly honest and humorous take on everyday family life.”

Brian the bearThe short adverts will build on the viral success of the Motherhood and Fatherhood videos which established the FIAT 500L as the default choice for modern, fun-loving parents. The central character of the FIAT 500L adverts is ‘Brian the Bear’, voiced by comedian Arthur Smith. ‘Brian’ is the voice of harassed parents everywhere.

The films are a light-hearted, humorous take on the process of childbirth and the subsequent world that mums and dads find themselves in. Three sets have been developed, each featuring a different car within the FIAT 500L range (500L, 500L Trekking and 500L MPW) involved in different parenting scenarios.

The FIAT 500L range is aimed at style conscious parents who don’t want to forsake looks and individuality to cater to the needs of their families. Practical, comfortable, roomy and efficient, the FIAT 500L is also fun to drive, stylish and distinctive, just like the FIAT 500 with which it shares so much of its DNA. Available in three distinctive guises, the FIAT 500L range starts at just £12,995, with the rugged FIAT 500L Trekking starting at £17,095 and the practical FIAT 500L MPW starting at £15,795 or £17,990 in seven-seat guise.

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