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New 308 beats rivals

Quentin Willson of the Sunday Mirror says the new 308 is “gunning for the Ford Focus and VW Golf,” car he considers are ‘lofty targets’ for the Peugeot.


Nonetheless, he explains the newcomer has its rivals beaten in key areas thanks to “enormous efforts” to take the model into the “sub-premium market” with “infinitely better quality, detailing and panache than previous Pugs”.

He says: “Timelessly handsome, with trendy LED driving lights, scallop flanks and a low, purposeful stance, it easily trumps the Ford and VW on looks. “But the real improvement is the cabin. Simple controls – most from the centre touch screen – polished aluminium, soft touch surfaces and firm switches feel much posher that a Focus interior.”

Willson adds praise for the ride quality, too: “As soon as you drive off, you notice one of the 308’s greatest attributes, which is a serene, bump-smoothing ride with comfortable and subtle body control. Push harder and the sharp steering bites nicely and you start looking for sweeping S-bends to prolong the entertainment.”

He calls the car “a really sweet-handling motor” and praises its 1.6 e-HDi engine for being “refined and punchy” and delivering an easy 60mpg in the real world. “Hold it in the gears and it feels much faster that its 9.8-second 60 time,” he adds.

Willson lists ley equipment features from the Allure specification, such as 17-inch alloys, reversing camera, touchscreen and satnav, remarking that they all “feel like they belong in an Audi”.

He sums up: “If you want a family hatch that feels and looks genuinely serparate and distinctive, this car should be at the top of your list. The 308 has given Peugeot its mojo back.”

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