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New 208 gets Peugeot off to a fast start in 2013

Peugeot UK have got off to a great start in 2013, with help from the New 208. Sales volumes were up by 6% for cars and light commercials in January 2013, compared to January 2012. The new 208 was launched in June 2012, and was seen in the ‘Top Ten’ UK best sellers in January, being number 7. Since the launch, 23,000 orders have been received!

New Peugeot 208

The 208 wasn’t the only Peugeot to have improved sales in January, but so was the re-styled RCZ, 3008 and 5008. All of these models have changed the brand perception of Peugeot with their new designs, stylish appearance and high quality interiors.

Re-styled RCZ

“2013 has started well, especially with the 208 continuing to build on the demand following launch and we are confident that with a healthy order bank going forward our sales success will continue,” says Neil Moscrop, Sales Director at Peugeot UK.

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