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MSN Challenge Won By Subaru Impreza

MSN Cars the popular motor website took four hatchbacks, a Honda Civic, Volkswagen Golf, BMW series and a Subaru Impreza to a Wet Grip facility in Northamptonshire to try and establish which one is the safest in wet hazardous road conditions. According to the MSN tests, the Subaru’s All-Wheel Drive Impreza is the car to be driving, when the weather takes a turn for the worst.

They were three separate tests undertaken at the Wet Grip facility, wet slalom, simulated skid recovery from 30mph and standing start on a polished surface. The Impreza performed impressively in all three tests especially the standing start test.

MSN Cars commented that the Subaru Impreza  “is a car you could drive through the middle of a snow blizzard and emerge out the other side.  And it doesn’t even have fancy traction or stability control like the other cars here, so it relies on the mechanical grip inherent with the AWD system. It held onto the road well and the All-Wheel Drive did the job from an icy standing-start, as well as the other test situations.  Best performer on the day on the skid pan.”

You can pick up an All-Wheel drive Subaru Impreza from £17,345 for a 1.5 RC which is the entry model.


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