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More Affordable More Flexible: New Nissan LEAF

The new next generation Nissan LEAF has now arrived  and for the first time, buyers can now lease batteries for the 100% electric car and choose one of three trim levels.

Nissan have introduced a new pricing structure to reflect the three trim levels and the battery-leasing options now available but they have made it far from complicated. A LEAF bought with a leased battery will be known as ‘Flex’ models and buyers will be able to get behind the wheel of an entry-level Visia LEAF on that basis for £15,990 (after receipt of the Goverments £5,000 plug in grant).

The battery lease which is paid for separately ranges from £70 per month depending on the length of the contract and mileage covered.

The maxim price anyone will pay for a LEAF is £25,490 (again, after receipt of the grant). This price is for the top of the range Tekna LEAF, with the battery bought outright.

Most significantly, the cars range has been extended from 109 miles to 124 miles and the battery is capable of recharging in about half the time of the first-generation LEAF.

The range is now longer and has been achieved by making the LEAF more aerodynamic and giving it a regenerative braking system and a more efficient E-powertrain. It’s real world range has been improved by the introduction of a new heating system which is 70 per cent more efficient through the use of a heat pump in the system.

But there’s more, the interior trim, has the addition of Nissan’s Around View Monitor technology and has been giving new suspension settings specifically tailored the for European roads , making it a unique driving experience.

UK  buyers can choose from three trim levels, Visia, Acenta and Tekna. All the models have increased boot space because of the relocation of its charging point and enhanced interior trim. There is also a height adjust facility on both front seats and more space for passengers.

The Tekna stands at the top of the range, it features a Bose energy efficient sound system with a subwoofer and seven speakers. In addition there are 17-inch alloys and LED headlamps.

However customers who choose to own a LEAF, can have a peace of mind with Nissan’s enhanced battery warranty. The warranty on the previous-generation LEAF’s battery covers it against defective materials or workmanship for five years. The extended warranty also protects against capacity loss, with a commitment to repair or replace a battery which falls short of what might reasonably be expected.

This announcement from Nissan, starts a new era for emission-free motoring, continuing to drive the electric revolution forward. To own an electric car has never become more appealing, benefits include lack of Vehicle Excise Duty, exemption from the London Congestion charge, its also become easier to charge a Nissan LEAF on the move with more public charging points opening. Lastly of course, is the cost of a full battery charge is a fraction of the price of a tank of petrol.

Jim Wright, Managing Director of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, said: “We are very proud of the new Nissan LEAF, which underlines our commitment to the future of electric motoring.

“With more than 100 improvements over the outgoing model, it really does mark the next stage in the electric motoring revolution. Built at our record-breaking Sunderland plant for British drivers using British roads, we’re looking forward to it becoming our next home-grown success story.”

Prices shown below (prices after receipt of plug-in car grant).

Visia – Buy Car and Battery – £20,990, Buy Car and Lease Battery – £15,990
Acenta – Buy Car and Battery – £23,490, Buy Car and Lease Battery – £18,490
Tekna – Buy Car and Battery – £25,490, Buy Car and Lease Battery – £20,490

Battery Leasing costs

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