Mitsubishi tweak the ASX

This autumn brings a few tweaks to Mitsubishi’s ASX. This updated number will only be destined for retail in Europe.

ASX tweakedEvolutionary as ever the european ASX will now be available in all Mitsubishi’s current powertrains, including the recently introduced 125 g/km (min.), 116 ps, 1.8 DiD low(er) emission variant from Mitsubishi’s acclaimed 4N1 family of Clean Diesel engines.

The ASX also sports a reshaped front face with a softer outline which reflects the gradual transformation of Mitsubishi’s design language and visual identity towards a “Solid – Safe – Simple” engineering-driven look. To complement the redesigned front face the rear bumper has been refreshed too.

The European market will also see new interior fabrics and the addition of chrome accents to the front doors. The current rotary knob for All Wheel Control (AWC) will become a push button switch and a revised rear multi-link suspension will improve handling and ride comfort.

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