Mitsubishi Follow On From Global Small

Mitsubishi have followed on from concept ‘Global Small’  to reveal the ‘e-compact’.  For those not sure, Mitsubishi’s concept global small is Mitsubishi’s plan to produce one small, B segment vehicle for all world markets.

Mitsubishi reveal e-compact

Mitsubishi revealed the e-compact earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show. Built to avoid costly adaptations for specific markets later, this car is a first in its class. Built from the beginning with the flexability to accommodate various markets, either emerging new countries and developing markets like China or countrys with identified markets such as Japan, North America or Europe. Created to be reliable and diverse, able to runabout town or capable of blasting along highways at speed, the e-compact is set to do it all.

With todays economical and environmental situation in mind, Mitsubishi’s intends to produce e-compact as cost effectively as possible, with the highest level of efficiency in its production system, in order to price e-compact competativley. Efficiency and stringent environmental regulations are all a majour factor in e-compacts developement too.

Sensible fuel consumption and emmisions along with low running costs are high on the agenda. Mitsubishi green solutions such as Auto stop & Go, Brake energy regenerative system, and sophisticated aero dynamics will all be part of e-compact’s makeup. Along with an all new 1.0 and 1.2 litre MIVEC powertrain other musts for the e-compact are excellent manoeuvrability, visability and comfort for 5 adults plus luggage, all under the segments footprint of 374m length, 168m wide and 149m high.

Production for the e-compact is set for Thailand, the production form is scheduled to be unveiled towards the end of the year.


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