Match report – SG Petch vs Easy Beats at Richmond Cricket Club

Gary Pratt, of England 2005 Ashes series fame, made his long awaited debut for the SG Petch cricket team at Richmond C.C.

Gary opened the batting against the well named “Easy-Beat” team and made an effortless 28 not out before his enforced retirement – all the team will benefit from watching his excellent technique which was a pleasure to watch.

Gary Pratt Cricketer

Gary Pratt after running out Aussie captain Ricky Ponting

SGP C.C. ended up with a respectable total of 136 runs with Jon Cowen (our NISA shop manager in Richmond) again batting very well for an inexperienced player in only his second game for the team.

When it was Petch’s turn to bowl the SGP skipper asked Gary if he could oblige with a couple of wickets when he bowled his 2 overs of off spin which he duly did!

Easy Beat’s eventually ended up about thirty runs short giving Petch’s another well deserved victory.

Gary commented how much he had enjoyed the game and that it was good fun compared to the stresses of professional league cricket. On behalf of all the team we would like to thank Gary for being such a good sport and partaking in the banter even when he embarrassingly slipped over in the outfield.

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