Kia’s Soul EV receives ‘Crossover’ category accolade in Next Green Car Awards 2014

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Thanks to the class leading environmental technology, impressive performance and range capabilities of the Kia Soul EV,  Next Green Car Awards 2014 have bestowed the EV with a commended accolade in the ‘Crossover’ category.

The Kia Soul EV received an impressive Next Greencar (NGC) Rating of 14 (32 if charged using grid electricity), placing it firmly as the commended vehicle in that category. It also achieved the lowest CO2 figures in the whole segment – 0 g/km.

The Soul EV is Kia’s first battery-electric vehicle to be sold globally and offers a range of class leading capability figures, including a range of 132 miles and battery energy density of 200 Wh/kg, plus the same fun styling and practical interior as the combustion-engined Soul.

Peter Thomas, Content & Data Manager at Next Green Car commented on the achievement. “The Soul EV has impressive environmental credentials, particularity when used in the city and charged using renewable electricity. We were impressed with the advanced battery density (200 watt-hours per kilogram), maximum range (132 miles) and the environmental consideration given to the interior materials.”

The Soul EV goes on sale in showrooms later this year and deliveries will take place from early in 2015.

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