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Kia Ceed: It's just brilliant

LOOK and listen. Stare into my eyes and believe what I am going to say…


If you are looking for a quality vehicle, one that is exquisitely built, do not limit yourself to premium brands, because they could be a bit of a letdown, trading as some do on badge and reputation, relying and resting on withering laurels.

Motorists ask me all the time what they should be buying and those with plenty of money to spend look with incredulity when I suggest the Korean marque Kia.

But honestly, take a look, open the doors, feel the paintwork, examine the panel gaps. These are the telltale signs of a well made car. So is the fact it comes with a seven year warranty. Add in decent driving dynamics and a long specification list and you have cracked it. The badge is irrelevant.

Kia is a prime example of an emerging brand, a manufacturer with something to prove and, in my opinion, the producer of one of the best range of cars there is – a view shaped by 30 years of driving cars of all shapes and prices.

Take the new Cee’d – it’s just brilliant. Firstly, it looks fabulous, especially from the front, ultra-modern, sporty and fit for purpose. The interior is also a masterpiece of design and the specification is unbelievable.

You might expect aircon, electric windows, central locking; let’s face it which car doesn’t have these things nowadays. But would you anticipate heated steering wheel and seats, glorious two tone leather, three mode power steering, 3D satnav, that park assist thingy that will actually steer you into the tightest space, a reversing camera, a lane drift warning system and voice recognition.

kia-ceed-petrol-factsThese things are normally the preserve of the rich and premium and even then only inhabit the accessory list, but now live happily on a mid-size hatchback.

But even more impressive is the way the Cee’d drives. The 1.6 petrol wouldn’t be my first choice but it is pretty refined, peppy and capable of 40mpg. The dual clutch transmission is stunningly good and would be my first choice. Changes are imperceptible and there’s paddle shift to play with.

Ride is superb, a match for any posh or pretentious motor, and steering and handling are excellent making the Cee’d an absolute pleasure to drive.

I’ve no axe to grind, nothing to prove. If I sound evangelical it’s because the spirit of Kia does seep into your soul. And if you don’t believe me – or the salesman – try it for yourself.

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