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Juke to get new engine

Nissan announced a series of new engine technologies set to find their way into new models in the second half of 2010.


New Nissan gasoline engine earmarked for the Juke

Most notable were the 1.5 diesel with dual injectors (HR15DE)  and an all new Gasoline engine (MR16DDT) which produces the same power as a 2.5 litre, despite it only having 1600 cc. Both engines will find their way in to the new Nissan Juke, due for sale in September.

The World’s First Mass-Produced 1.5-litre Engine with Dual Injectors

Nissan’s new 1.5-litre engine is the world’s first mass-produced 1.5-litre engine with dual injectors (2 compact injectors per each cylinder).

The dual injectors stabilise combustion by reducing the size of the particles sprayed in the form of a mist by approximately 60%.  Improved thermal efficiency and reduced inhalation resistance have been achieved by combining the injectors with Continuously Variable valve Timing Control (CVTC), which continuously changes the opening-closing timing of the inlet and exhaust valves.  As a result, fuel economy has been improved by approximately 4% compared to Nissan’s conventional engines in the same class.  In addition, more efficient burning helps to control the hydrocarbons in the exhaust gas and reduces the amount of noble metals needed for exhaust purification.

A Newly Developed 1.6-litre Direct Injection Gasoline Turbocharged Engine

Based on the downsizing concept, a new 1.6-litre 4-cylinder engine with Direct Injection Gasoline technology has been developed – combining a turbocharger with a low displacement engine to achieve both higher power output and lower fuel consumption.  It also adopts inlet and exhaustion CVTC and hydrogen-free DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating, as well as other new technologies such as the new friction-reduced valve spring.

The MR16DDT engine achieves power equivalent to that of a 2.5-litre engine, along with the fuel efficiency equivalent to a 1.8-litre engine.  The new engine will be available in the Nissan JUKE in the second half of FY2010.

Nissan continues promoting the “Nissan Green Program 2010” by introducing effective technologies, products and services into the market.

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