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Introducing The New e-NV200

Nissan have continued its zero-emission revolution with its next important phase the launch of the e-NV200, there second 100-percent electric vehicle.

The e-NV200 with its advanced battery-powered electric motor promises emission-free running, and as a commercial vehicle it promises an even greater role in reducing emissions and improving air quality as it operates.

As well as it not producing any tail-pipe pollution at all, the e-NV200 produces no noise while its smooth, gear-change free drivetrain means a more relaxed and stress free drive.

The Nissan e-NV200 is a combination of the practical NV200 which won 2010 International Van of the Year and the Nissan LEAF which won 2011 World Car of the Year.

For this first pure LCV, Nissan has significantly re-engineered and re-styled the NV200 for its new role. Its had a re-engineered chassis, styling changes, a interior revision, a new battery pack and a higher regenerative braking system added.

All of this has resulted in a  zero-emission vehicle that is capable of making a contribution to future motability and to companies who use small vans.

With sales starting this month the e-NV200 will be available as a compact but capacious and practical van or as a five-seat passenger vehicle in the Combi.

The running costs are a main priority for most fleet operators and the e-NV200 has been developed to help the business equation. Its planned maintenance costs are 40 percent lower and without engine oil , belts, gearbox or clutch there are fewer parts to be checked or replaced. Fuel costs are also a lot lower, with diesel costing three or four times as much as electricity for 100km driving.



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