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How to sprint to MPG marathon success with the SEAT Leon SC FR

The SEAT Leon won its 2013 Fleet World MPG marathon with a higher than necessary average speed.


An average consumption of 66.38 mpg on the 340-mile course was achieved by drivers, Victor Harman and David Hancock. The course was completed at around 36 mph; quicker than most if not all the other competitors.

The great MPG result was enough to bag the Leon a win in the Class 4 category, for diesel passenger cars with CO2 emissions between 110 and 180 g/km. It is a 3.39% improvement on the car’s 64.2 mpg official combined rating – and was achieved with a standard specification car, on standard tyres.

Here are a few tips on how Victor and David achieved their impressive MPG return which can help any driver day-to-day:

  • Plan your route. Don’t waste fuel getting lost. There’s no point in getting slightly better economy if the journey is longer – as some motorway routes can be.
  • Keep plenty of free space around you, so you can drive how you want – not how others do.
  • Retain your momentum; don’t waste energy shedding speed and having to brake and accelerate again to regain it.
  • Think well ahead and plan your speed for junctions, bends, roundabouts and other hazards, selecting the right gear for the situation.
  • In the Leon, we identified its ‘sweet spot’ as cruising at 48-50 mph in sixth gear, when the display said we were doing 70 mpg plus.

The Leon SC FR TDi 150 PS DSG that the pair were driving comes as standard with SEAT Drive Profile, which not only offers a Sport mode for a more engaging driving experience, but an Eco mode that encourages a more economical driving style. By relaxing the throttle sensitively, activating the DSG gearbox’s coasting function, making upshifts earlier, lightening the steering feel, and reducing the air conditioning load, Comfort mode is a great way to ease the process of saving fuel.

The SEAT Leon is priced from £15,550 for an SC model in S specification with a 1.2 TSi 105 PS petrol engine. The three-door FR 2.0 TDi 150 PS DSG that competed in the MPG marathon is priced at 22,515 OTR.

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