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Fuel-efficient technology for all

This is the year when super-efficient, low emission and very frugal motoring will start to become a reality for all motorists, not just those who can afford it.

Mazda Minagi Concept Front

It’s all thanks to Mazda’s SKYACTIV technology making its debut in an all-new compact crossover later this year.

SKYACTIV will be one of the main focuses of Mazda’s communications activities with customers, dealers and media over the next 12 months, said Sales Director Mark Cameron.

Dealers saw the technology at a special European event towards the end of 2010 “and it gave them a shot in the arm,” said Cameron. “SKYACTIV brings the same technology to all customers without anyone having to pay a premium,” he explained.

“It’s an evolution of what the industry already has in terms of internal combustion engines, manual and automatic transmissions, regenerative braking and start-stop systems but a revolution in the way it is applied.”

Mazda Minagi Concept Rear

This is because Mazda has adopted a ‘building block’ philosophy that concentrates on developing the basic technologies to new levels of efficiency and then gradually introducing electric devices such as regenerative braking, hybrid and other systems.

“Fun to drive is Mazda’s brand DNA and it allows us to stay true to that,” said Cameron, adding that this approach also proves “you don’t have to go down the hybrid/EV route to achieve low emissions and exceptional fuel economy. And you don’t need to have a separate infrastructure to support it.”

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