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Fiat update commercial website

Fiat Professional UK has just launched its new improved website dedicated to commercial vehicles.

Fiat proffessional websiteThe new site can be found at www.fiatprofessional.co.uk and has been completely redesigned to be simple to use, enjoyable to visit and to enhance the user experience.

Visitors to the site can find comprehensive details of the Fiat Professional range including technical specifications, pricing, options, finance packages, latest promotions plus useful and interesting information on the Fiat Professional brand and the services it provides.

Users also have the opportunity to not only download brochures but also to have a hard copy posted to them, locate their nearest dealer, request a test drive or alternatively ask to be contacted by Fiat Professional via the Contact Us link.

Deciding those difficult choices for customers and to help them make the best choice for their requirements, Fiat Professional has introduced an updated version of its Find Vehicle tool.  This comprehensive interactive tool has a simple three step process where they first select their type of use, then their load requirements and finally fuel preference.  At the end of the process the tool provides them with a recommendation of the vehicle(s) that would best satisfy their requirements.

Visitors can then check out the standard specifications, performance statistics of their vehicle choice, and interactively select options while ensuring that it fits within their budget.

Although a final business transaction is not part of the online service, the website is designed to make the buying process easier and to facilitate contact between the user and the Fiat Professional dealer network.

For mobile technology such as smartphones and tablets, a brand new link on its website to both the App store and Google Play is included where visitors can download the Fiat Professional App free of charge.

The site will be enhanced in the future with the addition of a newsletter service and a mobile site during 2013.

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