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eNV200 Testing with British Gas Ended Announce Nissan

British Gas announced the conclusion of there month long intensive testing of the Nissan eNV200, at the opening day of the Commercial Vehicle Show. They have taken part in this test plan as part of making a substantial proportion of there 13,000 LCV fleet vehicles electric by 2015.

The cold weather testing programme has been conducted in and around Nissan’s Sunderland Plant facility and was aimed at getting feedback from the British Gas departments on there 100% electric van driving experience.

As the cost of filling up at the pump is rising, the 100% electric eNV200 will help reduce fleets running costs while helping the environment, by bringing the CO2 down to zero at the point of use.

The recent test evolved the eNV200 recreating its daily working life, with temperatures dropping to -12 degrees Celsius. The weather in the UK didn’t disappoint and either did the eNV200.

British Gas engineers, who are members of the fleet team and part of the management board plus eight members of the GMB union successfully put the eNV200 to the test, by demonstrating that the van can be driven safely by all staff across British Gas.

This isn’t the first time the company has tested the zero emission eNV200 in 2012, the drivers praised the van for its driver comfort and generous payload.

The Nissan eNV200, is a compact van which combines certain attributes of two award winning models, the class leading cargo area within a compact body of the NV200 and the best in class EV power train from the LEAF. The eNV200 offers effective running costs, sustainability and new business opportunities for drivers, such as night time deliveries.

Jon Pollock, corporate sales director at Nissan GB said: “We’re delighted that the next stage of testing for British Gas has been a success. Working with a large fleet operator like British Gas allows us to receive a range of feedback before the van launches in early 2014 and we look forward to continuing our close working relationship.”

Colin Marriott, fleet general manager at British Gas said: “We have been very impressed with all elements of the Nissan eNV200. After our month long test in 2012 which went well the cold weather testing was vitally important to establish the van’s characteristics in real life working conditions. The drivers enjoyed the experience and the vehicle’s performance and reliability. We will now continue further testing in 2013 and 2014 ahead of us deciding our future fleet mix.”

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