April Car Tax Changes

Car Tax Rises

There’s a big shake-up planned for the road tax system from April 2017, which will affect all vehicles except those with zero emissions.

Cars registered before April 1st 2017 will continue to be taxed under the old system. After that a flat fee of £140 applies for all vehicles not categorised as zero emissions (after 1st year).

The tables below show how the changes will effect your budget.

For vehicles registered up to 31/03/17
Emissions g/km of CO2 1st year rate Annual rate (after 1st year)
Up to 100 g/km£0£0
101-110 g/km£0£20
111-120 g/km£0£30
121-130 g/km£0£110
131-140 g/km£130£130
141-150 g/km£145£145
151-165 g/km£185£185
166-175 g/km£300£210
176-185 g/km£355£230
186-200 g/km£500£270
201-225 g/km£650£295
226-255 g/km£885£500
Over 255 g/km£1,120£515
For vehicles registered from 01/04/17
Cars above £40,000 pay £310 annual supplement for five years
Emissions g/km of CO2
1st year rate Standard rate (after 1st year rate)
0 g/km£0£0
1-50 g/km£10£140
51-75 g/km£25£140
76-90 g/km£100£140
91-100 g/km£120£140
101-110 g/km£140£140
111-130 g/km£160£140
131-150 g/km£200£140
151-170 g/km£500£140
171-190 g/km£800£140
191-225 g/km£1,200£140
226-255 g/km£1,700£140
Over 255 g/km£2,000£140

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