Advanced Diesel System Cleaner

SG Petch Darlington are now offering a new Advanced Diesel System Cleaner which will remove carbon and other lacquers which build up in your engine, thus restoring vehicle efficiency, improving MPG and reducing harmful emissions.

Available for any make and model of vehicle, using our unique high pressure cleaning system.

What the Advanced Diesel System Cleaner does:

  • Direct cleaning of injection nozzles and injectors of all diesel engines
  • Dissolves and removes coking and hardening in injectors and injector nozzles
  • Dissolves and removes deposits in high pressure pump caused by fuel
  • Ensures constant injection spray, smooth idling and reduced particle emission and fuel cosumption

Why use Advanced Diesel System Cleaner:

  • Resolves problems with dirty injectors and injector nozzles
  • Resolves malfunctions such as rough idling, reduced engine performance and excessive soot formation
  • Regains lost MPG
  • Lowers emissions

injector-sprayDiscount Introductory Offer, only £99 at SG Petch Darlington.

For more information or to book your car in, call Mike Smith or David Gordge on 01325 488886.


2007 Citroen C3 1.4 HDi

“My C3 had considerably lost power, had a misfire and the miles per gallon was deteriorating, so I decided to try the Advanced Diesel System Cleaner,  for only £99 I thought it was worth a go! The results were fantastic, the misfire has completely gone, my fuel consumption has improved by at least 10 mpg and my car certainly has more ‘poke’ about it! Well worth my money, would recommend to anyone with a diesel car that’s losing performance and needs a quick revamp!” commented Steve.